I am Ajith P. Perera of Bandaragama, Chief Organiser, United National Party (UNP).

I am a Councillor in Western Province, having elected as the UNP candidate who scored highest in Kalutara District in 2009 Western Provincial Council elections. 28,568 people voted for me.

Professionally I am an Attorney at law practicing at Panadura courts. It would not be boasting to claim myself to be the most successful lawyer there right now. I achieved that by hard work and proud of it. And, it is just one of my achievements in life.

I was born at Bandaragama. My mother was from Batagoda while my father from Gonaduwa. My first school was Wewita Maithree Maha Vidyalaya. Successful completion of the Grade 5 scholarship took me to Ananda College, Colombo where I have studied till A/Ls. My contemporaries would remember me as a prominent member in the college debating team.

In 1986, based on my A/L results, I was selected to Sri Jayewardenepura University to follow a B. Sc. degree course in Applied Sciences. Simultaneously I entered the Sri Lanka Law College. I guess a science background was one of the key reasons behind my successful legal career.

Another passion of mine was sports. Bandaragama Sports Club, in which I became the President later, was what brought out the sportsman in me. In 1991, under my leadership, Bandaragama Sports Club became the best in Kalutara District in a competition conducted by Ministry of Sports. I was also a member of Ananda College Rugby football team.

At University I was a dynamic student activist. Elected as the Faculty Board Representative, twice, uncontested, one of my key achievements was to convince the senate to include ‘Business Management’ as a subject for science graduates. This enabled science students gaining positions in the private sector.

I have hundreds of notable cases to my credits as a successful attorney, where I was instrumental in bringing justice to innocent victims. Arguments I have raised in the well known case Wijepala vs. Attorney General have gone into the annals of law.

I have also played a significant role as a committee member of Bar Association of Sri Lanka and was also a member of the committee appointed to recommend legal education reforms. Representing Sri Lanka at an international conference of International Trade Laws in Hochi Minh City, 2005 was another milestone.  

I am also a teacher and I would be proud of that more than anything else. As a Director cum Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Professional Studies (CFPS), Borella, I have taught more than 2,500 lawyers by now. CFPS has won fame as the institute that moulds more than 90% of the annual intake to the Law College each year.

This brings me to politics. I was actively involved in politics for some time but it was last year that I have been appointed as the Chief Organiser of the Bandaragama electorate by the UNP leadership. I guess the long experience I have in dealing with the grassroots of Bandaragama electorate has prompted this decision by the party leadership.

I am sure you see the stark contrast between a typical politician and myself. In fact, many ask me why a professional like myself, with a successful legal career would want to enter into politics. The only answer I can give them is unless we professionals get into politics, it would be like giving a walkover to those who should not be there in first place. I have nothing to earn from politics. I have already earned and can easily earn the rest my living from my legal career. But I like challenges. I want to be different.

My Contact details:

Bandaragama Office:

190, Panadura Road,
Tel: 038-2291665

Panadura Office:

39/3, Susantha Mawatha,
Tel: 038-4282248


169A/2, Scool Lane,



(I will not be able to take calls in week day mornings as I would be in courts)




46 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. as you have been appointed as the chief organizer of the bandaragama electorate as a UNP MEMBER WE like to work with y in a polite manner.

  2. Sir

    You are a lawyer please do not delete the truth
    What I have posted re Sinhala.

    I quote again and again from UNICODE CONSORTIUM.

    Quote from unicode


    “There is a standard extant for Sinhala described in A Standard Code for
    Information Interchange in Sinhalese by V.K. Samaranayake and S.T. Nandasara
    (ISO-IEC JTC1/SCL/WG2 N 673, Oct. 1990). The coding proposed in it was found
    to be an inadequate basis for a modern, computer-based interchange code,
    though it is adequate to handle the capabilities of a Sinhala typewriter for
    representing contemporary colloquial Sinhala. ”

    Read more on these links given below

    Donald Gaminitillake

    Donald Gaminitillake

  3. Dear Mr Ajith,

    Just a thought for you. As i see these pictures it makes me realize over and over again how far we are lagging behind other countries in the world. Therefore, i suggest you to actively particiapte in improving the standards of these schools etc. Specailly our children deserve better education and that’s the only way we can make a difference. As you mention you are not in politics to gain something, which is a great quality for any politician. Therefore, we would like you to take the initiatives to change the situations.

    Wenura Perera

  4. Again i am frankly saying that at present sri lanka political situation is going to wrong way.as a educated layer do your activities politely and genuinely on behalf of Bandaragama and kaluthara district innocent people.then automatically you canbe a real politician as well as member of parliament.

  5. Dear Mr. Perera,

    Since you are a Perera from Gonaduwa, I am interested to know if you knew Mahaarachchige Diyes Perera (M D Perera)?

  6. Dear Ajith,

    It is needless to say that you have been appointed for right position as a political leader in this era. There is no doubt you will be a great politician not only in UNP core but also in Sri Lankan political history. You have alredy proven your dedication at your leagal carrier.

    I wish you all the best.

    Rohan Silva from Victoria, Australia

  7. Please let me know as to the extent you will go in finding a lasting solution to pull out our country from challenging Zimbawe.

    I have a solution and would like to share it with you.

    Please do not let me know your interest.

  8. Dear sir,

    I’m currently following your lectures in CFPS.. You know what put me to leave a commentnt… Because im glad to say me also following your own way… except law college. Scollaship -> Ananda College -> USJP (Physical Science) -> ???

    Anyway wish you all the very best for your future Sir.. Wish me too for my law entrance.
    Thanks for the notes!!!

  9. Dear Ajith,

    It is not necessary to introduce me to you (This if for viewers: I’m one of Ajith’s friends in Ananda College and a batch mate in the University. Also, a room mate for more than two years).

    Ajith, I believe that you have not changed your policies …… If so, you will do something to the people in Bandaragama and to the country. My best wishes!!

  10. Hi sir,
    I’m one of your CFPS students.I like da way u teach & ur great personalty..
    Anyway i wish u success in everything you do.
    BUT why don’t u became a member of PA??

  11. Dear sir,

    I’m one of your student at CFPS.I feel you are a excellent teacher & lawyer.

    I am Highly appriciating you for becoming gentlment polities for the need of socitey and I really proud of you sir………….

    Wish you all the best for your future and good luck.

    Sanjeewani Bandara

  12. Dear Sir,

    It’s nice to see you as a politician. But I like your roll as a teacher n a great lawyer very much. Anyway,hope you’d do the same at politics.

    Im also a student of you. But unfortunately I was unable to sit for the Law college entrance since I had to go for a scholarship; few days before the exam. But Im happy to say that I sat for the LL.B entrance n currently following that in the OUSL. Thank you n the staff of the CFPS.

    Just happy days n shiny hours!

    Chatu Singh

  13. Dear Sir,
    My warmest congrats!!!.As i am a Master of Science i can understand what career you have developed.


  14. As an anandian i’m v dissapointed because u a still in UNP. Even tht u knw that unp sell the country. u a still in that party..

  15. ane mata sakwithiya ellala pennana.ara madam e kale jvp eke marapu minissu galle place genawa kiwa wage natuwa.hoda lawywer kenek nam karala penwanna.

  16. Dear Ajith,

    I do highly respect you as an attorney. But I must say that in Politics you are in the wrong side. Think wise and do what is right. people will reward you for the good you gonna deliver.

  17. we get suppot next election of u Im live in bandaragama.we proud for u come from bandaragama
    go a head.you can win babdaragama
    my add
    97/3 kolamediriya doova rd haddagoda bandaragama

  18. We need people like you to save the UNP. loads of people left it seeking better oppertunity in the political area. If they were real leaders they should not have crossed over to the UFPA, this is just for the sake of money only they left UNP. given the opertunity i will join the UNP as active member

  19. Dear Dir,

    Todays incident made me to check the related websites since Im a SRI LANKAN.What a superb politician you are.We have so many politicians in our country.It seems to me that your are completly diferent.I think Your Innovative ideas will lead this country succesfully infuture

    Wish you all the best
    Mohammed Rafee

  20. Dear Mr Ajith

    we see you are a well educated man. But i suggest you take a look around the world without the glasses in your eyes. Often the backdrop is covered form the color you have in the glasses



  22. You are an educated person…..
    But unfortunately, you don’t know where to use that education.

  23. You use the title “Advocate” or Adhinithigna. As far as I know you are not an advocate. You are just a lawyer. Only a selected set of people can use the title Advocate. I really doubt whether you are an honest, principled person with integrity. When you already act like this, what can we expect from you when you come to power?

    A disgusted voter from Bandaragama

  24. Bandara has raised some interesting points in his 3 comments.

    We have an old sinhala saying – ‘Loola nethi walata kanaya pandithaya’
    Ajith is that type of person.
    He writes on subjects he doesn’t know and is happy as long as they are read by people who know even less.
    But whenever some one who knows the subject questions him, he goes silent for a few days till that comment is forgotten.
    This has been his trademark on this blog and it is no different from a typical politician in our country. In this aspect, he seems to have learned fast.
    It’ll be interesting to see if he would at least take up this latest challenge and answer Bandara’s comments with any guts.

  25. The government of Sri Lanka has rejected the LTTE offer for a ceasefire. Ajith, do you think that the government has done the correct thing? Shouldn’t it have agreed to a truce? Please be kind enough to clarify?

  26. If I share my true feelings about this issue, I will not get enough votes at the next election. So let us discuss this type of issues after the election.

  27. Given the huge gap between the ideas of Mr. Ajith P. Perera and the ideas of the people I cannot understand why Mr. Perera is so interested in becoming the representative of people. A representative of people must be somebody who shares the same views of people – then only he can represent people. People are not giving a blank cheque to their representative to do what ever he or she (the rep) likes to do. All thoughts, words and deeds of the representative must be representative of those of the people who elected the representative. I hope Mr. Perera will understand this important aspect.

  28. Mr.Ajith P.Perera is a real UNPer. A representative’s duty is to show the society the real thing.

    These days most of the representatives shares the same views of the society to be more popular,to be elected to the parliament, and then to pollute and violate the country.

    UNP has always showed people the truth whether it is joyful or paining. UNP and the real UNPers never change their views to be popular.

    War in the battlefield is nearly coming to an end. It’s a victory of all Sri lankans.But the most important problem( the tamils’ unsureness towards the sinhalese) cannot be won by misiles or guns. Since UNP through its glorious history has had many experiences, they really know how we can solve this problem.

    So we UNP supporters are really proud that we still have real UNPers who have courage and strenth to serve our motherland.

  29. Dear Sir,

    We respect you & must say that you are in the CORRECT PARTY. People like Bandara & Duminda Who has no common sense & just talking rubbish should not be allowed for more comments. Those are from The company including “HORA GOTA”. I really believe that MR must receive the “Oscar Award” for the Best Actor.
    SLPA voters pls pls pls help him to get that.

    As a Student of CFPS & as an old anandian Wish you all the best for the coming Elections.

  30. Well done UNP! in the Western Province elections.Our base is protected.40% of registered voters have not polled.40% of registered votes are voted for UPFA and 20% of registered votes for UNP.

    Because of the war victory most of the voters voted for UPFA.
    Some UNP voters didn’t vote because they new UNP will be defeated,
    Some UNP voters didn’t vote because it was not a significant election,
    Some UNP voters didn’t vote because they didn’t want to disturb the government for it’s war victories.

    In our area (Moratuwa)many UNP voters didn’t vote. I am sure it happened throughout the province.

    Also there were many results to be happy about.
    UNP strongly protected COLOMBO CITY unharmed by the UPFA wave,
    UNP got 3,27,571 votes from Colombo district.2,36,256 from Gampaha district.1,24,426 votes from Kalutara Disrict.Overall getting a total of 6,88,253 votes.

    Ajith P. Perera, Ruwan Wijayawardane and Rosi Senanayake did their job for the party getting most preferences.Mohanlal Grero is always a great strength.

    Our great war heroes have been able to make a Sri lanka without terrorism, together with the great leadership of our President.But still unarguably the ethnic problem continues.To solve that we need understanding between nationalities.UNP is the only party that understand value of this prospect and people will understand slowly but surely.

  31. මා වෛද්‍යවරයකු සේ කළුතර දිස්ත්‍රික්කයේ වැඩ කරන කාලයේ හැමදෙනාම ඔබතුමා ගැන විස්තර කළේ ඉතාම දූෂිත ඔළුව උදුම්මාගත් දේශපාලකයකු හැටියටය. එහෙත් මේ බ්ලොග් එක තුළින් මම ඔබේ සැබෑ ස්වරුපය දැන ගතිමි. මම ඔබතුමාටත් එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂයටත් සුභපතමි. අප රට වැටී ඇති මේ ආගාධයෙන් ගොඩ ගත හැක්කේ එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂයට පමණකැයි මම තරයේ විශ්වාස කරමි.

  32. මේ පිටුත් සිංහලෙන් ලියන්න පුලුවන් නම් ඉතා අගෙයි.

  33. I’d like to wish you all the best in your political carrier. Surely you’ll be a great politician and fill the vaccume in the Kalutara district with Mr. Laxman Wijemanna.


  35. Sir ,obe vannaun mea deashapaalanayea sitina thaak apata heata gana biyak natha .ada hoo ma heta mea aththanoomatikava kriyaa karana nominisun paraajayata pathwa oba vannaun bablenu atha,mama giyapaara gahuwe bulathata ,palath chandedi aanduwe lajja nati media wada dakala mata mahinda maamawa epaa una,ane mehemath media
    mea obea pantiyea 2010 law entrance penena maaimea sitina obeam sisu daruwek,

  36. I have seen you on TV talk shows and you talk sense. Please remain an activist for a just society where law of the land will treat everyone equally. What was written about Edwin Ariyadasa in yr website in 2008 is very true. I wanted to google E.A. and see about him after seeing him on Swaranawahini singing praises of Mahinda Rajapaksa. I came across what was written in yr site. More strength to your elbow.

  37. Dear Sir
    I knew you as a teacher at CFPS.you were good teacher for us.we respect you everyday.

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