The Beauty of Kalutara District

Believe it or not, the Kalutara District that I represent is one of the most beautiful ones in the entire island. Not many believe this because it is so close to Colombo. To see the real beauty you have to travel deep inside to places like Matugama and Agalawatte. Let me post some of the photos I have taken during my recent visits.






4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Kalutara District

  1. Mr.Ajith P Perera, you are great.UNP does not only talk about politics,through decades our party has greatly observed our nature.
    We believe in you,never pay your attention to the above mentioned foolish comments.With no fear,go in the way the ‘Fathers of the nation’ went.
    Ranil Wickremasinghe ,the father of the nation of our time,will surely lead this country to a economically developed and a peacefully united Sri Lanka.

  2. Very true. I have worked in Kalutara district for 2 years and I have experienced it a lot. Everything is good apart from the floods.

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