A First in Sri Lanka? : A Blogger contests for the public office


That’s me, and don’t forget my number on April 25.


17 thoughts on “A First in Sri Lanka? : A Blogger contests for the public office

  1. Let’s put it this way. “A politician started to blogging for the first time”. Don’t make things up. You started blogging, because you wanted more publicity for your election campaigns. Not that you started as a blogger and then decided to move to politics.

  2. I quite agree with Voice In Colombo. You are a true politician trying to take mileage out of anything and everything. However sorry to say tht, I don’t think you would make it to the PC. First, there will be lesser no of people elected from the district and second, you will not have enough preferential votes. Simply there are more popular UNP candidates in the list.
    ලබන සැරේ අපි දෙමුකො බැටේ!!

  3. I cannot understand why everyone wants to be so negative. Shouldn’t we be happy at least one politician blogs and more important might read others blogs? Don’t you see any positives at all?

  4. Dear Mr.A.Perera,

    Thank you for all your wonderful articles, they have certainly been eye openers since the vast majority in our country live with blinkers on & all their attention focused on the war.Little do they know of the impending doom with regards to the economy.I admire your personal as well as UNP’s stance on the war, ” Pro peace” is something we all need right now . We certainly do understand the issues that you bring into light but the majority of the people simply turn a blind eye.

    As you say the so called Buddhist/Sinhalese people of our country has of late become blood thirsty as apposed to chintana mama’s dhamma talk. I wont take up your precious time but our country has deteriorated so much since the beginning of the chintana era that it’s appalling. Where there’s no courtesy & respect towards each other & for all life there simply cannot be any democracy. What this country needs is a national courtesy campaign similar to what Singapore had many years ago. I saw this suggestion in a paper some time back but no one seems to have made use of it. Or else the slogan “api wenuven api ” will carry on long after the war is over. only the ” api ” will be left behind, isolated by the whole world.Best Wishes for your campaign & looking forward to many more news letters from you.

  5. way to go Mr. Perera!! We seriously need ppl like u to take this grand old party that we love so much back into power. as i see it, the grassroots level organisation is what lacks in the UNP now. the word hardly goes to the ears and eyes of the ppl in the villages. all they keep hearing and seeing is the “udha jayagrahana”!!! i think we really need to take the word right into the villages. as it is, it’s not going beyond the main towns and cities. i can give u a good first hand experience that i’m having these days. i live in ja ela and i go for some cycling for a exercise into the villages from ja ela to raddoluwa area. in those areas, there’s not one UNP poster to be seen whereas “sandhana” posters are all over the place!! when u go to those areas u hardly feel like the UNP even exists!! so, pls if it’s possible inform our leader and all the responsible and get ppl in these villages all over the country to take the word across to the masses. we really need to go beyond the towns!! all the best for u…

  6. at least you can get to him without dealing with appointments, body guards or jumping in front of a escort convoy, no? who else can u approach in this way in sl politics? i think it’s positive, whether u like him or not. look further than ur noses, i.e. foreign politicos, most of them have blogs nowadays. it’s a way to opena comm channel with hte public. of course he’s going to try and attract voters, that’s his job, dork. it’s what he does with the votes he gets that counts. and it adds transparency to what he does, most of the others we don’t really know their views on life, etc.
    other than that i dont care about unp, slfp, jvp an all the other jerks.
    good luck anyway.

  7. @Voice in Colombo,

    I am a politician and I love votes. Never deny that. But the primary objective of this blog is not attracting votes. Think. May be less than 1% of my voters have Internet access and even those who have are more familiar with Sinhala. Add to that 95% of them are Sinhalese Buddhists. So if were to attract votes why shouldn’t I be doing a Sinhala blog that takes a Sinhalese hardline like yours?

    Never say my intentions are 100% altruistic, but I blog because I want to make a voice. Don’t think I will gain any votes from doing this blog.

    @Ragunath Devendra,

    May I know the more popular candidates in Kalutara District?

    @Everyone else,

    Thanks for your wishes. Things are goind well. Life is too hectic but I am enjoying every bit of my first serious election.

  8. Ajith,

    your comment speaks the truth. You admit that you are not a “Blogger turned into a politician”. Instead a “Politician turned into a blogger”. It doesn’t matter how many votes you collect from this blog. It doesn’t count!

    UNP will lose big time in Kalutara! You are lucky if you secure a place in the PC.

    I wish you all the best. But not your party. Because, i know for your party won’t win. You don’t need a fortune teller to tell that.

    Do your best, and try to reach the top of UNP preferential votes list.

  9. How UNP has performed in the Bandaragama electorate in the recent past:

    2004 General Election – 34.74%
    2004 Western Provincial Council Election – 29.40%
    2005 Presidentail Election – 40.27
    2006 Bandaragama Pradeshiya Sabha – 34.71%
    2009 Western Provincial Council Election – ??.??% (Can Ajith P. Perera of Bandaragama prove himself?)

  10. @Voice in Colombo,

    I never said I am a blogger turned politician. It is vice versa. I agree.

    I only said this is the first time a blogger contesting for public office (according to the best of my knowledge).

    As for the party; UNP cannot and will not remain what it is today forever. It has to change and it will. There will be new structure and new faces. I am all for a change. Wait and see.


    I am really surprised how much effort some people put to discredit Ajith P. Perera even before the race properly began!

    Anyway, this is not the time to do predictions. All I can say is Bandaragama is a stronghold of UPFA for ages and It is too early to say how the electorate will perform. (Will give a pulse by the New Year time) I am talking about Kalutara district and not the Bandaragama electorate per se. (In fact I do play a role in Panadura too, though I never mentioned.)

  11. Good luck Ajith! Forget the past. Learn from the mistakes and do what the people expects from you. If you can do that, you dont need thugs and money earned the wrong way, to succeed like others. People will elect you based on your performance.

    I am not from your electorate. But I can see a some positives in your blogging and engaging in a dialogue with the public.

  12. //As for the party; UNP cannot and will not remain what it is today forever. It has to change and it will. There will be new structure and new faces. I am all for a change. Wait and see.\\

    This is good news. We want UNP to be stronger. After all, it’s one of the main power houses of this country. No body want to see it ruined. Because, if UNP get ruined it will make way for more evil forces. Like JVP for instance! But we are waiting and seing for the last 15 years! Unless you get rid of that “Beri Beriya” from the top of your ladder; you don’t have a way forward. Let me ask you this. Who will contend for 2011 presidential election from UNP? Ranil again? It’s hard to believe for hard core supporters like you. But the truth is, your party is having a leadership dilemma. Tell me one good person who can lead this country, out of those people in the top ranks of your party.

    Karu? He lost his credibility!!
    SB? Come-on! He’s a SLFP’er. Hard core UNP’er will never give hi a chance
    Rukman? Errrrr…. Stick to Ranil. That’ll help you to keep the losing margin smaller
    Tissa Atte? LOL

    Who are the others appearing in the front lines these days? Johnston, two Lakshmans (Kiri and Sene), Gayantha, Vajira.. They will never reach the level of being a “national leader”. They are only good at their own seats.

    There’s not even a sign of a good leader in the horizon of UNP.

    I can give you a clue. How about Sajith? But then again, why you corner him to Hambantota? Who’s afraid of him getting more preferential votes in a larger district?

    Bring on Sajith! That’s the only way forward

  13. Sajith Premadasa looks to be the next leader for the UNP.
    Karu Jayasuriya although losing credibility a bit recently, would’ve been great for the country but such is Sri Lankan politics, he is too good a person to survive the duration until a presidential election. But if he can become the UNP presidential candidate, I think he will win.

    I’m with Ajith on what he had written on Duminda Silva. People like him and Mervyn Silvas should be weeded out ASAP from our political scene. We have enough of them already and the country is still struggling to get over the Soththi Upali culture. Hope the voters will make the correct choice (and that they are allowed to do that).

    The problem is, what ever the party be it UNP or SLFP, there is room and the need for thugs & black money when it comes to winning elections. In my view, this is due to the elections system we have. A candidate needs a lot of money and helpers because he has to cover an entire district. For a long time, posters have been the main method for getting ones message and most importantly his number across to the voters.

    The only person in my memory who won an election without posters was Dallas Alahapperuma in Matara. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  14. Dear Sir!

    You won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have become more populer now & the Next MP from Kalutara.

    Well Done

  15. Hello Ajith,
    Congratulations!! I am very happy for you.
    I have to eat my words! You have not only got elected but have topped the list. I am extremly sorry for underestimating you. I am sure you had to work very hard for this. I know that there was a very good UNP team for Kalutara. This just the begining. Yo have a long way to go.

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