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Ajith P. Perera, Chief Organiser, Bandaragama, UNP – අධිනීතිඥ අජිත් පී. පෙරේරා, ප්‍රධාන සංවිධායක, බණ්ඩාරගම, එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂය

SL School Children: 72% have Sex; 29% watch Blue Films and 18% Drug Addicts – Government

Posted by Ajith on February 10, 2009


Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) makes interesting discoveries these days. This is the latest: 72% of Sri Lanka school children have engaged in various sexual activities, 29% of them watch blue films and 18% are drug addicts. So much for ‘Mathata Thitha’ of Mahinda Chinthana. One wonders why we continue to pay teachers and principals from public money. What they were doing till all this happened?

This comes from none other than a ministry study and published in the first page of state controlled Daily News on Feb 10, 2008. Yes, it is the same newspaper that once published stories like “100 terrorists killed; one soldier receives minor injuries” (They have stopped the number game for some time, guess it would be too difficult to keep count.) So believe this story too at your own risk.

On the other hand, it could also possible that the ‘New Sri Lanka’ (Aluth Sri Lankavak) promised by the present government is actually happening.

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13 Responses to “SL School Children: 72% have Sex; 29% watch Blue Films and 18% Drug Addicts – Government”

  1. Sam said

    Haha! joke of the day!
    “72% of Sri Lanka school children have engaged in various sexual activities”

    Well. that sexual activity have to be the one that goes by the name of “Masturbation!”. Now it is not the funny thing. We have school children from “Year 1″ to .. let’s say at least to “Year 10″. So kids basically start molesting themselves in rather pleasurable manner at the tender age of 8!

    1 out of every 5 students from age 5 to 16 are drug addicts? That mean at least, every single kid after 8th gread are drug addicts?

    Where this “source” pull this statistics from? There asses?

  2. me said

    all teenagers have sex.
    what a shame if they dont

  3. me said

    and drug addicts probably means smoking cannabis
    again far more teenagers today smoke cannabis
    But that doesn’t mean they are drug addicts.
    or does it ?

  4. Sam said


    if my match is correct, taking our Student population as 2 Million and so assuming call drug Addicts smoke 10g of cannabis a day (as you may suggest it is cannabis), we need 5.54 tons of cannabis per a month. that is some shit load of Ganja, man!

    Or may be the guy who pull this statistic from his ass, was high with all that cannabis by himself!

  5. Wasantha said

    School children over 15 years in Sri Lanka averaging 72% are sexually active with 43% engaging in heterosexual activities, 43% in homosexual activities and another 29% watch pornographic films, a study conducted by the STD/AIDS control programme of the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry reveals.

    By Sandun A. Jayasekera


  6. Me said

    Just to avoid confusion, the above comments were not mine.

    Only 29% watch porn? That’s a bid absurd. Nearly everyone watches porn. :S
    As Sam said, the drug addiction is also bloated.
    These stats are surely pulled out of someone’s arse!

    But my real question is why are teenagers that have sex compared to drug addicts?

  7. […] it right! Teen Sex compared with Drug Addiction? February 11, 2009 Ajith has a post here, which has a screenshot of a local newspaper saying that 72% of teens are sexually active and 18% […]

  8. Yes this various sexual activities is not specific enough. If it also includes masturbation I think every school child must have had some kind of sexual activity. Also I think much more than 29% are watching blue films. Whether we like it or not children will experiment with sex, heterosexual and homosexual. I don’t think there is any damage caused by it, we don’t have much teenage pregnancies do we? Let’s live with it, children and babies are two different species.

  9. Acromantula said

    the real point is what about the poor 28% who are not engaging in Sex…we should do something about tht..

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  11. i like very much.Thanks and pound Lankness.

  12. i comment on the students of lanka that they must concentrate on studies only and what the hell govt doing when it knows about the condition about the lankan students

  13. Rashan said

    Did you think this is very corrupted country, i ask one thing, is that your family children having sex…? if so plthats ur fault,

    you all telling anything what you get benefited. do you know all these things happen with the 1977 open ecconomy, its your party…

    what the bullshit you talking.

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