Sirasa, whatever happens we are always with you!


Join the face book Group ‘Sirasa, whatever happens we are always with you!’, if you care for Media Freedom in Sri Lanka. Show solidarity. This is something that should be above your party politics. Controlling media is the first step of building a dictatorship.

Sirasa today, tomorrow it could be YOU. Keep your eyes OPEN.


8 thoughts on “Sirasa, whatever happens we are always with you!

  1. Dialog GSM is the first Mobile telecommunication system went to LTTE held areas. LTTE use Dialog GSM network for their own communication purposes instead of using two-way radios. GOSL forces had to disable all GSM Dialog mobile phone antennas before start offensive operations in LTTE held areas during last couple of years. Using Dialog GSM mobile wireless network (MTN Network – maharajah Telecommunication Network) LTTE changing over secret CODED informations throughout the country. That informations cannot be traced by GOSL defence authorities due to techinical difficulties because time to time they change the code.

    From 1983 Maharajah is helping to LTTE indirectly. LTTE donated money to Maharajah to establish and expand its communication capabilities. They start radio, TV and Telecom which are very helpfull to LTTE. In early 80’s Maharajah could maintain Jaffna-Colombo luixury bus service and its monopoly with LTTE support. That was their first business running with LTTE support.

    Raja Mahendran is the first LTTE supporter in South uses Sinhalese against Sinhalese through his businesses according to LTTE requirement.

    No one should not allow to be used the media or any other freedom against country’s security and territorial integrety.

    Because of these reasons, as an emergency case the Maharajah businesses must be banned and halt as soon as possible.

  2. Keeping politics aside, the whole Sri Lanka knows how much damage Sirasa is doing to the culture of the country

    Whether the channel is part of LTET or not, it should be stopped for the sake of our children

    I am glad this happened and hope someone can destroy their alternative transmitting options too

  3. Sirasa popularized a kunuharupa sanskruthiya in Sri Lanka. It created more damage in these few years than the LTTE did militarily. The young generation who got addicted to Sirasa’s wal sanskruthiya is beyond salvation.

  4. I think it’s disgraceful that our ‘patriots’ are justifying this act.

    Btw i aint no fan of SirasaTV partly cos my cable provider doesn’t cover them… I prefer swarnavahini live@8 news over everything else in SL since they seems to be the least biased. Pointless even talking about government media cos most of em don’t even point out government flaws etc.

    If Sirasa or anybody else supported terrorism why can’t government take the correct path and take em down properly. If at all these incidents are gonna make Sirasa look more of a hero for taking on the government which obviously has it shortcomings.

    Are we saying that the only views that are ok to be expressed are the ones we like to hear? or the ones that represent our view only?

    I think it’s lame to say that Sirasa didn’t cover the Killi capture well enough cos who really cares…

    People celebrated killi victory with or without Sirasa covering it. And it’s only Sirasa that will lose out by downplaying the significance of that victory.

    Instead of exposing sirasa for what they really are doing as stated by our patriots, why do we have to revert to low class thuggery and lawlessness to tackle them?

    It’s not acceptable to go beyond the law and accepted norms and use thuggery and violence to get your way and only your way. This silly thinking has gotten us to enough problems already and very few seem to have learned from those mistakes.

    And for the one said that Sirasa is deteriorating our culture etc.

    wake up my friend…

    media uses present social conditions and answer to people needs and it’s the people who can drive a network and nothing else. Nobody is forcing to watch sirasa and there are enough channels to watch if one needs to. And if you read headlines of almost any newspaper you would see that we’re doing lot m ore damage to our culture than any media company can ever dream of doing.

    Feel free to disagree mates… cos i certainly disagree with most of your views justifying reverting to thuggery to tackle these sorta issues.

  5. @Dauzen: I couldn`t have put it better myself…what was done to sirasa was low class act and the reasons expressed over here shows how immature most of you are…

  6. I think , it is not important whether sirasa is biased or not, what really should be taken in to account is where sri lanka is heading.
    where is democracy government is talking about?.
    What really happen in sri lanka is government do whatever things to keep the power and suppressing opposition.The joke is government justify it using war victories and people ignorantly accept it.
    I think people in the country lacks political knowledge to what is really going on.

  7. Thanks to Dauzen for trying to bring some sanity and moderation to this debate. Why can’t we discuss this kind of issue without bringing our ethnic/religious labels and political affinities into it?

    In a blog post earlier today, I noted:
    “It’s precisely rational and independent thinking that the attackers on Sirasa would rather not allow. Media and human rights activists have already said that the attack on Sirasa is far more than an act of violence against an individual media organisation. Indeed, it goes far deeper: it’s an attempt to zombify a society, to turn 20 million Sri Lankans into a headless nation that can then be herded, remote-controlled and led in any direction to the beat of war drums…with no one asking irritating questions.”

    I ended my post as follows:
    “Yet amidst all the frustration, envy, finger-pointing and fist-waving, how many of Sirasa’s detractors and competitors have paused to think why Sirasa remains the ratings leader in radio and television broadcasting in Sri Lanka? Why does this channel have such wide appeal among the various ethnic and religious groups who call Sri Lanka home, and from across the social and education spectrum? To begin their search, they might start looking in the mirror.

    “Meanwhile, the vocal minority of Sirasa’s critics – some of who have already tried to justify the latest attack – would do well to remember that there’s a cheaper, entirely legal and far more civilised way to silence a TV channel they find objectionable or even offensive for one reason or another.

    “It’s a little gadget called the remote control. Try it once in a while.”

    Read full post (and feel perfectly free to disagree) at:

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