OLD ANANDIAN’S CENTENARY GROUP: Annual General Meeting – 2008


Century group of old Anandians consists of those who completed their A/Ls in 1986, 87 and 88. They will be having their seventeenth Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 22, 2008 at the college Centenary Building at 10.00 am.

The Inaugural meeting of the Centenary Group was held in 1988 at the Kularatne Hall. Mr. A.P. Gunaratne, then Principal and Mr. Sithendra Senaratne – representing the main OBA were present as guests. The founder President of the Group was Samantha Rajapaksa, Secretary Sujeewa Karunasekera and the Treasurer Lalith Perera.

Today Centenary group has a membership of more than 700 old boys out of a potential of 1,500.

Following are some of the key tasks carried out by the Old Anandians Centenary Group last year.

• Organising the ‘Alms giving’ at Sri Maha Bodhi, Anuradhapura parallel to the Olcott memorial ceremony.
• Conducting a training program for the college clerical and minor staff held at Ambalama Hotel.
• Maintenance of the PABX system in college at a cost of Rs. 120,000.
• Renovation of Dental clinic at college at a cost of Rs. 300,000. (The services of the clinic are open to other schools too)
• Repairing hundred tables at the college library.
• Donation of video cameras and other equipment worth Rs. 400,000 to the video club of the college.
• Donation of 10 scholarships to the deserving out station students. A student receives Rs. 1,400 per month under this scheme
• Donation of Rs. 25,000 each to Carom and Gymnastic clubs. These are two sports the college has excelled in recent years.
• Donation of Rs. 200,000 worth medical equipment to Colombo South Hospital jointly with the old Anandians in UK


One thought on “OLD ANANDIAN’S CENTENARY GROUP: Annual General Meeting – 2008

  1. Ajit,
    I happened see this BLOG on the Front Page of WordPress when I was logging into check my BLOGs.
    I saw “Ananda College” and had to have a look.
    I attended Ananda College from 1958 to 1967. I was the Head Boy of the lower school. I still have my plastic badge — that, typical of those early heady days of Ceylonese enterprise, got screwed up during manufacture. So rather than being in the vibrant colours of Maroon and Gold, it came out in the dreaded colours of Maroon and Gray/Silver.
    Anyway, this is me http://www.guruge.com
    I have become a papal scholar of late: papam.wordpress.com
    I think that there maybe a FEW that remember my name. I was Ceylon’s Lactogen Baby from 1954-1961(?). My last name is fairly well known too.
    All the best to all my fellow Anandians.
    Many thanks.
    Anura Guruge

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