Dare to be different

Ajith P. Perera, Chief Organiser, Bandaragama, UNP – අධිනීතිඥ අජිත් පී. පෙරේරා, ප්‍රධාන සංවිධායක, බණ්ඩාරගම, එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂය

MERVIN SILVA and MALAKA SILVA: Isn’t it time to handover these demonic apes to Dehiwala zoo?

Posted by Ajith on July 30, 2008

Doctor Dutugemunu Mervin Silva has done it again. He was ministering his labour at Araganwila, in Nuwaragala. The good ole doctor had entered a shop carrying a gun, threatened the owner, run havoc and caused more than Rs. 75,000 damage to the property, in a manner which would have put most cow boy movie makers to shame. (Now, where we have heard this before?)

Well, Doctor. Mervin Silva has not come alone. He was with a gang of about 35 SLFP henchmen. Among the evidence found by Police were seven used bullets, some of them recovered from the walls of the shop. Somebody from the group has also aimed at a passer-by. Only God knows why – perhaps he is watching too many cow boy films. The poor bewildered man had to take cover of his motor bike to avoid being hit. As the passive observers were not as brave/naïve as the Rupavahini staff, the doctor and his henchmen have left unharmed.

The reason for this mayhem? Apparently the shop owner is a supporter of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and rejected some of the promotional material of JVP.

The objective of this post is not to condemn the act. Neither I intend to request anybody to take action about it. Whether we like to admit it or not, we have passed that stage. Our collective voices so far have failed to change even an iota of the behavior of the mad doctor.

Doctor Dutugemunu and his son have violated the law of the land, so many times in multiple ways that if the law enforcing forces have taken the right action both father Mervin Silva and son Malaka Silva should be behind bars by now. The only major crime this father and son duo has to commit yet is raping a woman in public, but I do not think we need to wait long to hear it. I am certain one day they will do it together. With this father and son anything is possible.

His present boss and mentor, who brought the good doctor fist into politics from latter’s humble home at Hambantota, which is famous for kurrakan and big buffaloes, does not give a darn. Either he is not man enough to counter Doctor Mervin or silently approves the acts. (After all, we talk about an individual who was once remanded for handling illegal firearms. It is perfectly natural such a character to tolerate Mervin’s behavior. They are birds of a feather.)

The sole idea of this post is to raise a simple question. Why do individuals behave in this idiotic manner, which is certainly disastrous? What do they gain?

My first impression was Mervin takes all these troubles for survival. The God had forgotten to bestow any skills to this poor soul and so finds it difficult to live on in politics. No rationale human being votes for him. So the only way he can survive is by massaging the egos of his bosses. The only way he can add value to an election campaign is threatening the supporter of the rival parties. This he does to his best.

However, a friend argues against this theory. According to him there are so many other ways someone like Doctor Dutugemunu can win the hearts of those who yield power. I do not intend to go into details but let us just say that many aged politicians, with their once beautiful wives now getting older, still find village damsels mouth-watering – even if they are no beauty queens. With right connections at both ends Doctors like Dutugemunu can easily operate a supply chain. My friend could not prove his theory, but seeing Doctor Dutugenumu goes unpunished for every one of his stupid acts I have almost no reason to deny this.

So if Mervin Silva has others means of winning hearts of the influential and for his own survival why this trouble?

The reason can be biological. Both he and his son have an irresistible urge for violence. For some sadistic individuals violence is a way of achieving sexual satisfaction, especially in a situation where the real thing is not possible.

Desmond Morris too has talked about it, but the following excerpt is from ‘Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence’ by Jonathan Mark, who for the first time proved violence against its own is a common trait seen among other apes too.

“Suddenly the peaceful moment is shattered by a hunting bark from a hundred yards away. Everyone lurches awake, up and running to see what’s going on. Three males have cornered an unwary group of red colobus monkeys in a tall tree with only one good escape route. One of the hunters climbs high toward the terrified colobus group and rushes at them, pretending to come straight on but stopping short and shaking a branch at them, hoping to scare them into trying the escape route. One monkey jumps wildly, lands far away in another tree, and manages to scamper off. But the next one tries the more obvious escape and is snatched by a waiting chimpanzee as soon as he lands. The remaining monkeys pause in terror on their high perch. Now a hunter approaches, grasps their five-inch-thick branch, and furiously shakes it, until one, two, and finally three colobus jump or are shaken off. They leap and scamper frantically. And so it goes. Some chimpanzees press the attack, others focus the quarry’s retreat, others wait in ambush, and soon the hunter apes have killed four monkeys.”

Don’t you see similarities between what happened in this African jungle and Nuwaragala? Is Doctor Dutugemunu’s behavior different from those of these monkeys? Does he appear to be any more sensible?

So now you know what I mean. When I say they should be behind bars – I don’t mean in a prison. It would be more logical to have these two in a zoo.

(I hope Malaka Silva will not mind me publishing two of his Face Book images, under creative commons license. I thought the readers would prefer them to the photographs of his father leaving Rupavahini painted in pink.)

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20 Responses to “MERVIN SILVA and MALAKA SILVA: Isn’t it time to handover these demonic apes to Dehiwala zoo?”

  1. Sanjaya said

    Ajith, you are asking for trouble. Do you want to be the next victim of this mad man?

  2. surannga said

    Very happy to see a blogging politician. But shouldn’t the heading be “Dare to be different”? Anyway keep it up and most importantly live by your words when you come to power.

  3. Ajith said

    Dear Suranga,

    Thanks for the comments. Initial blog title was “Ajith P. Perera” and “Dares to be different” was the sub title. This was supposed to be read as a single sentence in third person.

    Later I thought of swapping the two. Still think the old one holds though “(I) dare to be different” gives a more direct message.

    Anyway, I will think about this.

  4. Jagath Silva said

    Good and timely collum but contain inaccuracies.Marvin was not brought to politics by Mahinda but by Bandaranayakes both Sirimavo and Anura from early 80s. He was providing YAKEDURAs to mother and His mentors are from both major parties. He has greatly benifited from all sides.You putting up the family photo you have done some unethical thing some are commenting on daughters etc.
    Before critisising others we too must adhere to some principles and values.

  5. Christiano said

    Well said Ajith. Please don’t insult innocent animals like monkeys.But be careful. These mad men you never know

  6. Radovan Karadžić said

    See. http://madeinsrilanka.wordpress.com/2008/08/01/it-happened-to-me-it-can-happen-to-you-too-be-careful-radovan-karadzic-2/ MR better read this.

  7. Sadeepa said

    Hi ,

    No point of speaking about these loosers because our honorable president seems not to be moved from the ‘gon part’ of Mervin and Co., .

    I think that only solution would be a ‘Rupavahini’ one !

  8. Star said

    All of you need to find new interests. And what the hell are you thinking by taking photo’s off facebook? That’s private. There is always a good reason behind everything. Do not judge people just because the media feeds you bullshit. GET A LIFE!!

  9. Ajith said

    If anyone wants their Face Book photos to be private why do they put them in public domain to be accessed by all?

    It is easy to confine ones photos only to friends and familiy, but any of the above were surely not.

  10. sajeen said

    Mr.Ajith Im honestly froud of you sir,keep going.lets see what we can do in the right time

  11. cat said


  12. Anonymous said

    When somebody ask any help from Dr.Mervin Silva He will definitely do something. The most practical politician i ever saw in sri lanka. He knows how to solve a problem

  13. Romesh said

    Dr.Mervin u r the real hero we love u and we admire u r gutty actions

  14. SL Peeps said

    Malaka Silva is a out of control thug using his father’s powers on innocent bystanders. Like father like son. But such is the sad sad fate of Sri Lanka where we have rich playboys in the calibre of Amila Fonseka who is often seen dominating the nightclubs with a escort of actresses and models and by god should you make the mistake of looking at one of them.

  15. Anonymous said

    Amila Fonseka had assualting a german hikka hotel owner

  16. sanjaya said

    I know thiz story from mah frnd, Amilla Fonseka had trashed dah hotel owner & shut down dah joint during dah hikka fezzz.

  17. Maple said

    Amila…he likes women and gets into the occasional fight. How is this different from practically every other man out there?
    Sorry, but I don’t understand the fuss….

  18. Dalip Grewal said

    SL PEEPS…u dun lik Amila Fonseka dominating the nightclubs, then why dun u take some cash out from the bank, wear leather jacket and try your luck?
    WHY are u jealous guys…Amila is a nice guy…get to know him if u care…before u write stuff…

  19. CHAMI said


  20. wasantha perera said

    Sir please dont insult to Doctor.
    He is a god gifted man. We should hvae waste our time to find out another “Doctor”. Then we can sell our country immideately. Ane ane why our govt. Also entertain this mad “Doctor”

    Do you know one thing nowdays all university professors stop using the title of “Doctor” because of this mad dog.

    Any way in near futur people will teach good lesson like Rupavahini treat.

    Dog bless for Doctor

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