Ananda College Centenary Group get-together 2008

The days I have spent at Ananda College were among the best in my whole life. (The photo below was taken with some of my classmates immediately after we have done A/Ls in 1986, with me in the middle.)

Though we can never go back to that past in reality, it is great to meet some of my schools friends annually at the group get together.

Last year we had the Centenary group get together at the Holiday Inn Hotel. (We call ourselves ‘Centenary Group’ because we completed our studies on the same year the school completed 100 years) This year too the venue is same and the date will be July 12, 2008. These are some of the photographs taken during the last year’s event.


3 thoughts on “Ananda College Centenary Group get-together 2008

  1. Dear Ajith,

    Please accept my heartiest wishes for your Election Campaign. My only worry is, you are trying to serve our Mother Land under the most pathetic Political Leader & the Political Party.

    A Fellow Member of Centenary Group
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  2. Dear Sir,

    You are at the Correct party But not in the Correct time. People are brain washed & they don’t understand anything happening arround other than the War.

    Anyway we respect you to select UNP & Proud to be an “Anandian”

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