Reggie Ranatunga no more

Parliamentarian Reggie Ranatunga passed away today at a private hospital in Colombo after a brief illness.

I never knew him personally but as an Anandian just few years junior to Arjuna Ranatunga (Arjuna aiya to most of us) I knew about the Ranatunga family. The first time I saw Mr. Reggie Ranatunga was at a felicitation for Arjuna we had at the Kularatne hall at Ananda College immediately after the first test where he scored half a century against England. He was just 18 and the youngest of the team.

Mr. Ranatunga’s wife Ms. Nandani Ranatunga too was a teacher at Ananda College though she taught only to Arts students. I have heard when our then Proncipla Col. G. W. Rajapakse invited her to join the staff the only condition she put was to take her sons to the college. He agreed and it was a vice decision. That was how Ananda College could produce a test captain who brought glory to motherland by winning the World Cup in 1996.

I wish Mr. Reggie Ranatunga attain Nibbana. I pass my condolences to the family.


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