Keith Noyhar (Deputy Editor “The Nation”) abducted and beaten by Aliens from Mars

The Nation deputy editor and former Daily Mirror deputy editor Keith Noyhar has been reported missing and suspected to have been abducted after his car was found abandoned near his house yesterday night, Daily Mirror reported. Later he was released after badly beaten up, and had been admitted to the hospital.

One might say it is too early to point fingers as investigations are still going on. One may even suggest (I am sure Anura Priyadharshana Yapa will do) personal motives. If one wants one can even suggest this was done by aliens. (Reports of alien abductions of human beings are common) However Keith Noyhar is not the only Sri Lankan journalist to meet such unfortunate fate during the last few years and I am sure any rational mind can put two and two together.

Most interesting is what Mahinda Chinthana promised to media personal in Sri Lanka in 2005, which I reproduce below (Pages 81 and 82 of Mahinda Chinthana). Not sure how many media personnel voted and supported for the ‘baits’ of tax free computers and  vehicles, but it is apparent now that is not what in for them.


2 thoughts on “Keith Noyhar (Deputy Editor “The Nation”) abducted and beaten by Aliens from Mars

  1. The Free Media Movement (FMM) expresses shock and outrage that Keith Noyahr, Deputy Editor and Defense analyst of the English weekly The Nation was abducted late evening yesterday returned home early this morning, after enduring severe physical harm.

    Keith left his office around 10.30pm last night but never reached home. His vehicle was found in front of his house, lights and engine running. It was apparent that he had been abducted when he turned his car towards the gate and got down to open the gate.

    There is no other reason for this latest attack against a journalist than his independent writing and analysis of the war in the North, if that is reason at all. His reporting was critical of high-ranking military officers and the Government’s approach to and conduct of the war. According to family sources the FMM learns that threats directed against him had forced him to take precautionary measures.

    This is not just a violation of the freedom of expression and another significant blow to media freedom. It proves, as if more proof was needed, that Sri Lanka is very far from a country that protects fundamental rights and is governed by the rule of law.

    The Nation newspaper group and press freedom organizations joined together in a strong campaign for his safe release within hours of his abduction and were active the entire night until his return home.

    The FMM unequivocally condemns this heinous act and demand an immediate inquiry from the Government. The only way the Government can clear its hand from this barbaric act is to bring the culprits to the book, urgently and through an open investigation. Until such time culprits are brought to book, the FMM holds the Government responsible for abduction and assault of journalist Keith Noyahr, noting that it has done little or nothing to stop the violation of media freedom and attacks against journalists in Sri Lanka.

    The FMM takes this opportunity to thank all the persons and institutions who joined us in facilitating Keith Noyahr’s return home.

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