A tribute to Kalutara Bodhiya…

kalutara-bodhya-jpg.jpgI am proud to be born in a district like Kalutara, which has made its mark in Sri Lankan history.

Whenever one mentions the name ‘Kalutara’ the first thing that comes to the mind of anybody is Kalutara Bodhiya that has won an international fame.

Kalutara is historically important as it was a place indicated by Arahat Mahinda thera to the king Devanampiya Tissa in the 2nd century B.C. to plant  one of the thirty two saplings of the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi tree, to which the King extended his patronage. According to Sinhala Maha Bodhi Wansa until such time when the maritime provinces were subjugated by the Portuguese in 1505 A.D., the historic Kalutara Bodhiya existed intact.

The development activities of the historic Kalutara Bodhiya in the recent past began in 1931 by the Kalutara Buddhist society, under the guidance of  Sir Cyril De Zoysa. It was in 1964 the construction of the great chaithya on the ‘uda maluwa’ started. This was supposed to be the first ‘hollow’ chaithya in Sri Lanka and may be in the world as well. Designing and building the same are no easy tasks. Interestingly designing the shell of this chaithya was one of the first tasks performed by the first computer installed in Sri Lanka. (At the State Engineering Corporation) By 1976, construction work was completed and the pinnacle has been placed.

Here is a site dedcated to Kalutara Bodhiya. 


2 thoughts on “A tribute to Kalutara Bodhiya…

  1. Dear mr Ajith Perera.

    This websight expose your knowledge about various fields.
    Develop the site in the future with more news. Good


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