About me…

It is customary for one to start a blog with a self introduction. So here is mine, in brief.

I am Ajith P. Perera of Bandaragama, an Attorney at law practicing at Panadura courts. It would not be boasting to claim myself to be the most successful lawyer there right now. I achieved that by hard work and proud of it. And, it is just one of my achievements in life.

I was born at Bandaragama. My mother was from Batagoda while my father from Gonaduwa. My first school was Wewita Maithree Maha Vidyalaya. Successful completion of the Grade 5 scholarship took me to Ananda College, Colombo where I have studied till A/Ls. My contemporaries would remember me as a prominent member in the college debating team.

In 1986, based on my A/L results, I was selected to Sri Jayewardenepura University to follow a B. Sc. degree course in Applied Sciences. Simultaneously I entered the Colombo Law College. I guess a science background was one of the key reasons behind my successful legal career.

Another passion of mine was sports. Bandaragama Sports Union, in which I became the President later, was what brought out the sportsman in me. In 1991, under my leadership, Bandaragama Sports Union became the best in Kalutara District in a competition conducted by Ministry of Sports. I was also a member of Ananda College Rugby football team.

At University I was a dynamic student activist. Elected as the Faculty Board Representative, twice, uncontested, one of my key achievements was to convince the senate to include ‘Business Management’ as a subject for science graduates. This enabled science students gaining positions in the private sector.

I have hundreds of notable cases to my credits as a successful attorney, where I was instrumental in bringing justice to innocent victims. Arguments I have raised in the well known case Wijepala vs. Attorney General have gone into the annals of law.

I have also played a significant role as a committee member of Sri Lanka Bar Association and was also a member of the committee appointed to recommend legal education reforms. Representing Sri Lanka at an international conference of Global Trade Laws in Hochi Minh City, 2005 was another milestone.

I am also a teacher and I would be proud of that more than anything else. As a Director cum Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Professional Studies (CFPS), Borella, I have taught more than 2,000 lawyers by now. CFPS has won fame as the institute that moulds more than 90% of the annual intake to the Law College each year.

This brings me to politics. I was actively involved in politics for some time but it was last year that I have been appointed as the coordinator of the Bandaragama electorate by the UNP leadership. I guess the long experience I have in dealing with the grassroots of Bandaragama electorate has prompted this decision by the party leadership.

I am sure you see the stark contrast between a typical politician and myself. In fact, many ask me why a professional like myself, with a successful legal career would want to enter into politics. The only answer I can give them is unless we professionals get into politics, it would be like giving a walkover to those who should not be there in first place. I have nothing to earn from politics. I have already earned and can easily earn the rest my living from my legal career. But I like challenges. I want to be different.

This blog is meant to be a genuine interface between you and me. I confess I have little time to do a regular blog, but let me give a try. It is not the typical political web sites that you see immediately before an election. Its aim is not purely promotional. I like this to be an interactive window. So please do not hesitate to provide me your input, whatever it is.

Hope this is would do for an introduction. More later.


One thought on “About me…

  1. Dear Ajith,
    U have done very gd job through ur web. Congrates !
    Urs sincerely frnd,
    Ananda Abey


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